Specialist for sweetened condensed milk

Our key product is the traditional sweetened condensed milk. We are experts in this field and a premium supplier to the European and international chocolate and confectionery industries. We also supply the manufacturers of ice cream and breakfast cereals. Our products score well with their pure caramel taste, smooth texture and extraordinary processing properties at many branded companies.
As a specialist, we offer our customers much more than just the usual standard recipes: for example, our dairy company is currently a pioneer in the market for organic certified sweetened condensed milk, as well as for Fairtrade licensed sweetened condensed milk.

We constantly observe the actual nutritional trends and complement our product range with matching product qualities. By the way, almost all our recipes are "clean-label" products without the use of additives.
We can precisely adjust the fat level and dry matter content to our customers’ specifications, if they wish. Our caramelized variation has a very intense color and taste. For export, we also offer sweetened condensed milk, which adheres to kosher and halal requirements. For worldwide delivery, we use packaging systems ranging from 5 kg bag-in-box systems to silo trucks, depending on the respective industrial and export requirements.

Our latest new developments

  • Sweetened condensed milk with added vegetable fats
  • Sweetened condensed milk with sugar and sugar substitutes
  • Sweetened condensed milk in organic quality
  • Sweetened condensed milk with Fairtrade certification

Our proven product range:

  • Sweetened condensed milk in popular standard recipes 
  • Sweetened condensed milk with individually adapted recipes
  • Caramelized sweetened condensed milk with intense colour 
  • Sweetened condensed milk with Kosher certification
  • Sweetened condensed milk with Halal certifiation 
We are part of a strong group. Products are marketed under the Uelzena Ingredients umbrella brand.

Our milk products give a good taste to delicatessen

Our second strength are dairy products such as premium cream or tailormade developed milk and milk fat products. Our customers from the delicatessen and food industries use them in the production of sauces, deli salads and canned food or for imparting a full-bodied milk flavor to desserts and ice cream. We distribute our fresh or heat-treated milk products predominantly throughout Germany and in the adjoining EU countries. 

Apart from offering standard products, we also cooperate with our customers in the development of highly individualized, new products based on milk, sweetened condensed milk and/or milk fats, for example, pre-products or mixtures for the production of confectionery or desserts. If needed, our fresh products are also available as lactose-free variants.

Johannes Rother
Johannes Rother
Phone +49 5767 9603-49

Managing Director Marketing and Sales

Our major certifications:

Download: ISO 50001:2018
ISO 50001:2018
Download: IFS
Download: Organic SCM
Organic SCM
Download: Fairtrade SCM (Sugar)
Fairtrade SCM (Sugar)
Download: Kosher SCM
Kosher SCM
Download: Kosher Cream + Milk
Kosher Cream + Milk
Download: Halal SCM and cream
Halal SCM and cream